A League Of Their Own

"For a brand-new tournament, I would say we had quite a good start.

"Over 70 fencers from 29 institutions had competed in the event which I feel is a healthy number," said Yei.

"As expected, the national elite athletes competing in the event dominated, which shows how strong they are.

"This, however, did not leave much of a chance for newer fencers to shine which is why we are looking into starting a fencing league for higher education institution students.

"This way, fencers will be able to have a longer duration of competition time to develop instead of only having a two-day tournament to compete in every few months."

He added that Nilai University is keen on the league and all that is needed for them to proceed is approval from the Higher Education Ministry and other universities.

The proposed league will also be held as part of the university's role as the Sports Focus Centre (PST) for Malaysian universities.

It will be divided into seven zones to accommodate fencers from across the country.

"As far as we are concerned, we are ready to lead the initiative as soon as we get the nod from the other parties as we want to keep the momentum going (from hosting the NUFC).

"We plan to have the tournament in various zones -- north, south, east, two central (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor), as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

"Fencing is not as popular as football or futsal, and as such, the budget allocated to it by institutions is not as high.

"By having these zones, we will be able to ease the athletes' burden of having to travel far for competition."

Among the big names that emerged victorious at the NUFC were Joshua Koh and Natasha Ezzra Abu Bakar who won gold and bronze respectively at the 2011 Indonesia Sea Games.


Foil: 1 Andrew Mok Vern-Han (Sunway College), 2 Syed Adil Emir Putra (HELP), 3 Mohd Aqil Anuar (SSTMI) and Hasnul Hadi B.Shawal Bakthiar (Cyberlynx).

Epee: 1 Koh I-Jee (Nilai University), 2 Hasmie Sohaini (Inst Perguruan Kampus Bahasa Melayu), 3 Bill Chee Yu Hee (Brickfield Asia College) and Mohd Roslan Mohamed (UPM).

Sabre: 1 Nurul Ariezzat Nazreen Ismail (Cyberlynx), 2 Muhammad Radhi Hasim (UPM), 3 Adam Nicholas Lindbichler (Cyberlynx) and Wong Tzer Chyuan (HELP).


Foil: 1 Natasha Ezzra Abu Bakar (UPM), 2 Evy James (UPM), 3 Sarah Najihah Ahmad Ridzuan (UiTM) and Shaidatul Shafiqah Abdul Hamid (SSTMI).

Epee: 1 Yaminah Mohamed Yasin (UPM), 2 Laura Simon (UMS), 3 Noor Syazaffa Mahyudi (SSTMI) & Nadzirah Mohd Azeman (UPM).

Sabre: 1 Filzah Syabila Jamaluddin (UPM), 2 Liong Yueh Fong (SSTMI), 3 Fatimah Saeraa Mohamed (UPM) and Ainul Latifah Taib (SSTMI).

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