A Strong Bond With Sports Leads To Market Leadership

 These efforts have made Milo a household name through the generations, consistently educating consumers on Milo’s core brand promise of energy and nutrition,” he added.

Ng Ping Loong, the brand’s sports marketing manager stressed that sports has helped succeed.

“Over the years, and from gaining vast experience due to the long-term historical association, even though the brand has grown with the changing environment, Milo has had one direction that remained unchanged from the beginning,” said Ng.

“Often in sport sponsorships or marketing events and campaigns, some companies often neglect the disconnect between the consumer, the end-users, and the stakeholders and can be deemed as trying to sell something. Milo on the other hand has stayed committed in ensuring consistent connections with all human touch-points for a rounded involvement — and that all its initiatives speak to all — mothers, children and the general public,” said Ng.

Milo initially began engaging with children through the iconic Milo trucks in the 1950s and they have continued the tradition to connect with children and parents.

 The brand has developed an emotional bond with the nation as it places personal relevance and understanding that activity-followers identify with, and are motivated by, their association with a particular event, team, or athlete — and worked on establishing relationships from that focal point.

Milo has continued their drive to create national support for Malaysian athletes at national and regional events such as the Commonwealth Games, SEA Games, Asian Games, Sukan Malaysia and various local tournaments.

Recently, in its effort to drive the true value of sports and to continuously develop young athletes as champions of the nation, Milo and the Olympic Council of Malaysia collaborated to launch the Milo “Fuel for Champions” campaign.

The “Fuel for Champions” campaign aims to empower and energise young sport talents to strive for success in the early stages of their lives as well as to inspire parents to encourage their children to participate in sports from young.

Milo commitment towards the development of sports has been well received by various stakeholders.

 “The Milo camps and activities are really good; we should look at conducting more frequently as it gives the kids a competitive time and they also learn a lot of things through this camp such as proper warm-up,” said 50-year-old real estate negotiator Edmund Chua.

His comments were echoed by SJK© Puay Chai II Petaling Jaya senior assistant for co-curricular activities Chong Kok Hiang.

“We received much better responses from the students after Milo’s involvement. We received 50 balls, nets and jerseys from Milo. The school has been district champions in both under-10 and under-12 categories for the last five years. This is really a good project and we really think that Milo should carry on its good work. We also need to recognise that parents play a critical role in their children’s well-being and growing progress,” said Chong.

Moving forward, Milo is also looking to continue their engagement with local community connections, reaching more children geographically with our on-ground activities in Sabah and Sarawak.

“Our solid platform today (to drive a powerful campaign this year) is a result of long-term commitment, perseverance and team effort — we live the vision in order to achieve small but significant steps in spreading our cause successfully,” said Ng.

“This year, we are selecting different premises in Malaysia to rehabilitate six sport environments from next month onwards. Children should play anywhere and everywhere where the play environment is safe. We are working with local Rukun Tetangga to understand the community challenges and how each party can mobilise its resources for a collective singular goal,” added Ho.

Milo has definitely flourished under the Nestle Group. According to its annual report, Nestle took full benefit of the positive economic conditions last year, registering a turnover of RM4.6 billion, 7.3% higher than the same period a year ago, largely due to the robust growth on the domestic front.

The group’s strong brands and products, as well as marketing investments to generate awareness of the centennial celebrations, resulted in higher sales in all product categories, with Confectionery, Liquid Drinks, Chilled Dairy and Ice Cream, recording strong double-digit growth.

The group was also active in renovating and innovating its range of existing products, which included the launch of Nescafe 3in1 Brown and Creamy, new Milo mixes variants, the new Maggi Mi Goreng and two additional Nestum 3in1 variants with Chinese herbs.

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