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"We are very happy to be accepted into the Malaysia Games this year as we had been trying to do so for some time," said Elaine. "Being part of the Games will create more awareness for the sport and will also help us in our efforts to build the sport at the grassroots level.


"Being part of the Games will also make it easier for us to approach schools to promote the game as these student will then have something to aspire for (playing in Malaysia Games)."

Elaine added that promoting the sport at school level will be important to mould a strong national team in the future.
"Woodball is a very accessible sport which does not cost a lot to get started in. Schools can setup woodball courses in any free space they have such as playgrounds or a football field.

"The course does not have to be permanent if there is a lack of space available and can be easily dismantled after use. "Once we have enough students taking up the sport, we hope to organise a series of tournaments to prepare them for international tournaments. "There are two major woodball tournaments in a year at the Asean level. This will be a good platform to expose our new talent."

Woodball originated in Taiwan and was introduced in Malaysia in 1996 by MWA founding president Thomas Kok. The sport bear's much similarity to golf. The objective of the game is for players to hit a wooden ball through a set of wooden gates using a mallet (club).

Regular woodball courses feature 12 gates, what would be 12 holes in golf, with each gate ranging between par-three to par-five. Hitting the ball through the gate in one shot is called a gate-in-one.

*Sumber dari New Straits Times


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