Answering Call Of The Sea Students Of Batu Laut Schools Setting The Standard In Sailing

“The reason the schools produce such good sailors is the locality and the convenience of having the sea and boats available to be used any time. “These sailing teams have a history and rich heritage and sailing is the number one sport in the school.

“Every student in the school is proud of their sailing team and most students want to be in the club.

Easy does it: Two coaches holding the windsurfing equipment at the Batu Laut jetty in Kuala Langat to be placed on the watercraft.

“There are two websites — www.smkbatulaut/2012_12_01_archive.html and — for those who are enthusiastic about sailing and follow the tournaments that the students compete in.

“In the website, we list the activities and achievements of the students in the Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSS) programme, the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) programme and international sailing competitions,” he said.

Among the noted national sailors from these schools are Mohd Dhiaurrahman Rozaini, Mohd Abdul Shukri Abdul Aziz and Mohd Faizal Norizan.

Mohd Dhiauurahman Rozaini won the optimist category in the boys’ Under-12 age group in the MSSM programe last year.

He also contributed in Selangor’s win in the otimist category in the boys’ Under-15 team event.

In 2011 and 2010, Selangor also won the team event in the optimist category in the boys Under-15 team event where Mohd Dhiauurahman was part of the team.

At present, 10 students, aged eight to 18, from these two schools train at the Batu Laut beach every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

All set: The boats that are ready for the race during a recent competition held at Batu Laut beach in Kuala Langat.

The training sessions on Wednesday are from 2pm to 5pm while the weekend training programme is from 8am to 5pm.
Baharin said the first rule of sailing was safety and all students were required to use a life jacket no matter how good a swimmer they were.

“Before going out to sea, they will be briefed on safety and the rules of the sport. Many students from the schools are interested to join sailing but are unable to find their sea legs.

“To conquer their fear of water, I would ask them to jump into the sea in each of the training sessions.

“To overcome being seasick, I would ask them to be on the boat for three to four hours at a time for at least the first two weeks before they get used to the conditions.

“To become a good sailor, the students need to know how to set up their own equipment, tie the knots, set up the sail and even pull the boat to sea.

“This is also part of their learning process and training to familiarise with the equipment,” he said.

He added that he was willing to teach any student from any school throughout Selangor in the sport.

“Firstly, the students must have keen interest and their parents must be dedicated and willing to send them to Batu Laut beach on the weekends.

“Besides this, with competitions held every month throughout the country, parents must show moral support so that their children will be able to be competitive,” Baharin said.

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