Former Commonwealth Games Medallist Nurturing Talent In Ampang

"There are technical sections, climbs and downhill sections which provide a complete circle of challenges for children to develop their skills," said the 1998 Commonwealth Games road race silver medallist. Sufficient facilities are available, including Nor Effandy's own bicycle shop which fronts the track and provides service and parts for cyclists utilising the track.

"We've managed to do this with a lot of help from MPAJ, who want the facility to be fully utilised and for us to be able to find the talents to be nurtured into future national cyclists," said Nor Effandy. "My focus is just to find the talents and later on, although we have a collaboration with the Selangor Cycling Association (SCA) in organising the clinics, it is up to the cyclists where they want to pursue their careers -- be it with Selangor or Kuala Lumpur.

"In this first clinic the children learned not just the technical aspects of cycling, but we also showed them how to conduct simple maintenance and repairs such as replacing punctured tyres on their own. "The response was very positive not just from the children, but their parents as well. They all came fully equipped with bicycles and safety gear, so this shows parents too are ready to commit if their children are interested in cycling."

He added that future clinics will be organised on a frequent basis to keep the talent scouting activity consistent. "However, this first clinic was organised free of charge to the children, but in future, we may charge just a nominal fee to cover costs," said Nor Effandy. "What is important is for us to equip the children with the basics they will need not just to be able to cycle competitively, but for them to enjoy the sport better as well."

Nor Effandy said the first competition on April 21 is not just open to those who attend the clinic but those from all over, while a short race for parents will also be organised as a side event.

For those interested in attending future clinics or participating in events at the track, Nor Effandy can be contacted at 013-336 0854.

*Sumber dari New Straits Times


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