Puay Chai Girls Aim For Victory In Inaugural Under-10 Meet

Chyi Ean started playing volleyball in 2011 when she was introduced to the game by her cousins who are also volleyball players.

Having participated in several tournaments, including the MSSD and Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSS) Under-12 championships this year, Chyi Ean practises her digging and serving skills in her school grounds with her teammates and other Under-12 players.

Chyi Ean’s mother Yim Poh Peng, who tags along to most of her training during weekends, said her daughter had improved a lot since she first started playing the sport when she was in Year Two.

“A lot of parents come and support their children during the training sessions.

“Sometimes, we also help to explain to them about the training as they might be too young to understand and this helps them in their progress,” she said.

Petaling Utama Volleyball technical chairman Khaw Choon Siong, who coaches the Under-12 and Under-10 volleyball team in Puay Chai 2, said he emphasised more on the basics and game techniques as well as moulding the team mentally.

“I focus on the basics where players have to go through a series of dynamic exercises and drills such as digging, spiking, serving and game techniques.

“The team members also need to cultivate mental strength to compete in the tournament,” he said.

Khaw also urged the players to spend time doing physical training at home so that they would be fit for the tournament.

“Currently, the players only train during the weekends due to players’ academic commitments and it is not enough.

“We should train at least four days a week,” he said.

For the Katmo tournament, eight selected players from Puay Chai 2 will be representing the schools to go against two other schools in the district.

“A four-player team with four reserves will be playing against each other in the badminton-sized court with a 2m-high net play,” he said.

Khaw said organising the MSSD tournament helped to identify outstanding players to form a team to represent the district for the upcoming MSSS tournament.

The volleyball tournament will take place at SJK(C) Puay Chai, Bandar Utama, tomorrow.

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